Energy Efficiency Open House

Want to learn more about energy efficiency?

Want to learn how to make your home more comfortable?

Are you concerned about safety issues?

Do you know what rebates and loan programs are available?

Want to learn more about green living (kombucha and homebrewing)?

We will have all of the answers to your energy efficiency questions at our Energy Efficiency Open House at Project Living Proof.

Several vendors will be at the demonstration home to help you understand your home and green living a bit better. You will also be able to explore Project Living Proof to get ideas for your own home.

From insulation to windows to HVAC to loan programs to even homebrewing, we can answer it all!  It's getting cold outside, so get your home weatherized! Are you tired of spending too much money on electric and gas bills and still not being comfortable? We can help by giving you advice on how to reduce your energy usage!  
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Register below to be entered to win a "Local Gift Package" worth over $300 that includes KC Chiefs merchandise, CFL light bulbs, a free energy audit from Green CAT Services, and more!  You don't have to register for the event to attend, but you must attend to win.  This is a free event.

Are you an Energy Expert and want to promote yourself and/or your business while sharing your expertise with homeowners and business owners?  Fill out the form below and we'll get in touch with you. 

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