Insulation & Air Seal Rebate Program

KCP&L and MGE (soon to be Spire) are great resources for energy improvement rebates. Now you can get up to $1,900 back when you upgrade your home with air sealing, attic insulation, and wall insulation. There are no income requirements, but you must be a KCP&L and/or MGE customer in Missouri.

Click here for a breakdown of the rebates.

Click here for KCP&L's webpage on the program.

Here are a few Efficiency First Kansas City members who can help you with the program:

Green CAT Services

Green Improvement Consulting

Star Energy

Steps to get the rebates:

  1. Schedule an energy audit with an Authorized Contractor which includes the three listed above.
  2. Install at least one approved energy improvement (insulation, windows, air sealing).
  3. The contractor will submit the application for you.
  4. If you signed the rebate over to the contractor, you're all done, but if you will receive the rebate it takes 6-8 weeks.
  5. Be comfortable and start saving!
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